From Concept to Design Verification in Half the Time

Concept ideation on clean sheet designs can consume considerable time on the front end of a new project. From training-in new designers/engineers to collaborating with offshore contract firms, a significant amount of time is sunk into building momentum in a new program. In order to best utilize design resources and to create sound architectural direction, one needs to use the tools that can communicate reasonable design solutions prior to investing a lot of time in detail design. From an FE perspective, this could mean building and iterating simple beam models to create a sound design direction. solidThinking Inspired is a tool that can take that process several steps further by employing a generic design space “potato” that uses “what-if” or empirical load data to generate solutions. Load cases are input like any analysis tool and Inspired creates idea-generating load paths that allow designers to break out of the iterative rut that is oft repeated before the design verification stage of a project.

Polaris has used solidThinking Inspired extensively to prove out existing designs and to generate several new structural designs. The process is reasonably simple and intuitive to employ and the time savings are very quantifiable. The team has been able to reduce the design/analyze/iterate process to 50% of the typical cycle to achieve design verification. This is a huge benefit as it frees resources to explore more creative options for our structures.


The Author

Rick Kerner
Staff Engineer
CAE Structures