Development of CAE Process for Evaluation of Robustness of a Design for Crashworthiness.

In today's competitive world quality and reliability of the product carries prime importance. As crash is a complex phenomenon, designing an optimum and reliable product which can give consistent crash performance in spite of scatter in input parameters is a big challenge. It is very important to evaluate the effect of the scatter and keep this effect within the acceptable limit so that the product can meet the performance target in spite of the scatter. A method of evaluating the performance scatter due to the noise factors is presented in this paper. A detailed discussion about the control parameters is given to maintain
the performance within the target in spite of the noise factors.

The CAE robustness process presented in the paper was validated using a case study. Two component level tests were carried out for comparison of the CAE and test results.

The Author

Pratap Daphal, Vijay Pachore, Sachin Lambate, Ganesh Gadekar
Tata Technologies Ltd.
Pimpri, Pune

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