Multi-Body Simulation of Earthmoving Equipment using MotionView / MotionSolve

Different types of spraying mechanisms to spray the fluid generated are the integrated part of some of the current home appliances. The spray mechanism involves number of joints, springs and contacts. The functionality of these joints is to provide the required amount of fluid while in operation. Accessing the
Failure modes and stresses in the mechanism due to the applied force by end user is the main objective of the project.

A linear transient 3D MBD simulation with rigid bodies and flexible body is carried out by considering the generic material and inertia properties using MotionSolve. HyperMesh and MotionView softwares are used for pre-processing. HyperView and HyperGraph are used for post-processing. Ansys software is used to compare the flexible body results.

The Author

Amit Srivastava, Gopikrishnan. M
Larsen & Toubro IES

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