HyperMesh Customization to Manage FEM Data For Custom Hybrid Thermal-Deflection Solver

GE Aviation-Bangalore

System Engineering for Rapid FE Modeling

General Motors Tech. Center India (PL)

Accurate Definition of Fiber Orientation for Analysis of Complex Aircraft Composite Structural Components using HyperMesh

Infosys Technologies

Modeling CFD Specific Domain Using HyperMesh 10.0 for a Display Case Used
in the Retail Industry

Ingersoll Rand

Acoustic Cavity Modeling Using Altair Auto Mesh tool & correlating with the Manual Mesh Model

Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

Numerical Simulation of Drop-Down Tailgate for the pick-up truck to improve closing effort performance

Tata Technologies

Reduction in Pre-processing Time Using HyperMesh for CFD Simulation

Walchandnagar Industries Ltd.


Simulation of Process Stage & Process Cost in Wheel Disc Through Altair HyperForm Radioss

Asia MotorWorks Ltd.

Validation of Die Face’s to Determine Forming Severity using HyperForm to avoid environmental hazardness

Ashtech Toolings & Stampings Pvt Ltd.

Sheet Metal Forming Simulation of a Wing Panel

DRDO - Hyderabad

Upper Reinforcement Simulation Using HyperForm

Reliable Techno-Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Simulation of Material Flow and Heat Transfer for Direct Hot Aluminum Extrusion Process


Finite Element Analysis and Experimentation of Aluminium Tube Drawing Process

Tube Investments of India


Dynamic Simulation of Piston Motion to Predict the Piston - Slap Using Radioss

Basaveshwar Engineering College

Simulation and Stroke Calculation of Centering Device Using Multi Body Dynamics.

L&T Faridabad

Fatigue Life Estimates Using Virtual Testing Approach

Mahindra Engineering Services

Multi Body Simulation Approach for Evaluating Door Slam Durability

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Correlation of K & C data between a MBD Model in MotionSolve and Vehicle Test Data

Maruti Suzuki

Multi Body Simulation of Pallet Truck Lifting Mechanism Using Altair’s MotionView/ MotionSolve

NMHG India Engg. And Support Services Pvt. Ltd.

Road Load Data Acquisition on Full Vehicle Suspension System for Durability



Optimization of Pylon Using OptiStruct /HyperMesh FE Package

Aeronautical Development Agency

Piloting OptiStruct & HyperStudy to Improve Productivity for Structural Design Optimization

Cummins Research and Technology India Ltd.

A Practical Design And Optimization of Bucket Wheel Stacer Reclaimer by
Programatic Interface Using Optimization FEA Package

FLSmidth Private Limited.

Shaft Waviness Effect on Performance of Lay-Down Radial Lip Seals.

Freudenberg-NOK Holdings (Malaysia)

Shifting of Oval Modes of Ring-Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Using Topology Optimization Technique

General Electric - Bangalore Engineering Center

Optimization of Exhaust Hanger Location for NVH Performance

GM Technical Center India

Reduce the weight of the header in a refrigeration unit using Altair OptiStruct


Structural Optimization of CNC Turning Center - Saddle

Jyoti CNC Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Size and Shape Optimization of an Excavation Boom Assembly

John Deere Tech. Center

Topology Optimization of Dual Axis Gimbal System

Larsen and Toubro

Brake Actuator Mounting Bracket Optimization Using HyperWorks

Mahindra Engineering Service

Virtual Product Development for HCV -FUPD Structure

Mahindra Engineering Services

Integrated IP Design Approach Using Optimization Tool

Mahindra Engineering Services

Design of Experiments (DOE) Study on Automotive Side Door for Improving Static Performance

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

DOE Screening Study for Roof Crush Simulation

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Weight Optimization of Split Case Pump

Mather & Platt Pumps Ltd.

Coupled Thermo - Structural Analysis & Optimization of Automotive Headlamp

Minda Industries Ltd.

Thickness Optimization of a Metallic Plate Subjected to Point Loads at Different Angles


Engine Mounting Bracket Optimization using HyperWorks

Renault Nissan Technology and Business Centre India Pvt. Ltd

Distribution of Snow Forces on the Foundations of Flexible Avalanche Barriers

Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment (DRDO)

Optimization of Bus Body Structure Using OptiStruct

Swaraj Mazda Ltd.

Optimization of H-Link Using OptiStruct

Telco Construction Equipment Company Ltd.

Heuristic Rank Ordering of Design Parameters for Tuning of Legacy Designs using Altair HyperWorks

Zuti Engineering Solutions/TVS Motor Company

Design of Experiment (DOE) Study Applied to Closures and BIW Panels

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.


Process Template of Sled Test for Seat Belt Anchorage Systems as per ECE R14

Autoliv India

Process Automation of Size Optimization Analysis Using HyperWorks Automation Toolkit (HWAT)

Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Leveraging Finite Element Model Pre-Processing Time Reduction Using Altair HyperWorks Customization Tools

Mahindra Engineering Services Limited.


FE Modeling /Results Visualization of Automotive Assembly Like Parking Brake, Clutch Padel, Brakes Padel and all Types of Jacks by Using RADIOSS.

Autoline Design Software Ltd.

Seismic Analysis of Switch Gear Using RADIOSS

ARP, BHEL, New Delhi

A New Hybrid Approach for Simulation of Automotive Wheel Bearings

Indian Institute of Science

Vibration Test Correlation of Electrical Units Mounting Brackets in Vehicles

Mahindra Engineering Services

Fatigue Analysis of Light Commercial Vehicle by Inertia Relief method

Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited.

Robustness Studies of the Disc Brake Rotor and Structural Modifications for Squeal Reduction Using RADIOSS

Satyam- Venture Engg Services

Vibration Analysis of Wheel Loader Cabin Using Radioss

Telco Construction Equipment Company Ltd.

Computation of Air Suspension Stiffness for Given Road Input Parameters with the help of Finite Element Analysis

Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (VRDE)

Composite Rubber Sleeve Analysis of Pinch Valve Using Radioss FE Package

Weir Minerals India Pvt. Ltd.


Reduction on Development Lead Time & Attain FTT on Flow Forming Process
thru Radioss Non-Linear

Asia MotorWorks Ltd.

Crankshaft Fatigue Life Comparison by Physical Testing and Simulation Approach

Bharat Forge

Finite Element Analysis of Blast Resistant Door

Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd

A Study of Energy Absorption Behavior of Sheet Stringer Panels of Helicopter Bottom Structure Using RADIOSS FE Package

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

Design and Analysis of Mahindra FAV Using MBD and FEA for Weight Optimisation

Hinode Technologies (P) Ltd.

Dynamic Simulation and Analysis of Plate Roll Bending Process for Forming a Cylindrical Shell

Larsen and Toubro Limited.

Steering Vibration Analysis of Passenger Car using CAE & Experimental methodology - An integrated Approach

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Transient Contact Analysis on Micro Air Vehicle Using RADIOSS

NAL, Kodihalli

Validation of Bearing for Static and Dynamic Loads through Radioss Solver

NRB Bearings Limited.

Falling Object Protective Structure (Fops) Testing


Simulation of Automotive Fuel Tank Sloshing using Radioss

Tata Motors.

Study on the Effect of Smart Belts in Frontal Impacts Using RADIOSS

Tata Technologies Ltd.

Effective Dynamic Side Impact (DSI) Beam Design for IIHS Side Pole Impact Using RADIOSS

Tata Technologies Ltd.

Study on the Effect of Seat Parallelogramming in IIHS (Front) Test Using RADIOSS

Tata Technologies Ltd.

Crash Analysis of Tail Gate Protection

Telco Construction Equipment Company Ltd.

Design Optimization of Front Under-run Protection Device for Trucks through
Virtual Testing and its Correlation

Volvo – Eicher CV

Rear Impact and Side Intrusion of Two Wheeler with a Bus

M. S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies