Technical Paper Presentations

Non-Linear Analysis (RADIOSS & OptiStruct Implicit NL)


Package Design for Candies using RADIOSS Solver

Axiom Consulting

Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Flexible Structures Using RADIOSS Software

Aerial Delivery Research & Development Establishment (ADRDE), DRDO

Terminal Tractors Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) Simulation

Citec Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

Fatigue and Impact Analysis of Automotive Steering Knuckle under Operating Load Cases

Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi

Nonlinear Analysis on Refrigerated Display Case Shelf

Hussmann Services India LLP.

Non-Linear Simulation of Front Mudguard Assembly

International Tractors Ltd.

Non-Linear Implicit Analysis of Roll over Protective Structure OSHA STANDARD (PART 1928.52)

International Tractors Ltd.

Holistic Approach to PROJECT CWC with Altair

Indian Maritime University-Visakhapatnam Campus (IMUV), Visakhapatnam

Crash Analysis of Car Cross Member Bumper Beam

KL University, Hyderabad

Determination of Wall Pressure and Stress an Blast Furnace using Finite Element and SPH Method

L&T Construction

Strength Analysis of Disc Brake Assembly & Dynamic Pad Pressure Distribution

Mando Softtech India Pvt. Ltd.

Static and Impact Analysis of a Composite Engine Hood Assembly for Improved Characteristics

Spectrus Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

Vehicle Frontal Protection System- Improvement Technique and Virtual Validation

Uka Tarsadia University

Finite Element Analysis of Rear Under-run Protection Device (RUPD) with Sequential Loadings and Strain Mapping Method in RADIOSS

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

Non - Linear Analysis of Transmission Rear Cover Using Optistruct Considering Sequential Multiple Load-Cases

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

Investigation of Stresses and Deflection in Multi Stage Leaf Spring of Heavy Duty Vehicle by FEM and Its Experimental Verification

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.


Optimisation/MultiDisplinary Optimisation (OptiStruct & HyperStudy)

Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Aircraft Structural Components Using Altair HyperStudy


Design Optimization of Tractor Fuel Tank Using OptiStruct Technology

Eicher Tractors

Demonstration of a Robust Method for Section and Thickness Optimization of Automotive Body Structures Using OptiStruct


Light Weighting of Body Structure for Drive-Away Structure-Borne Noise Targets


Automobile Crash Box Design Improvement Using HyperStudy

Hyundai Motor India Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Weight Optimization of Front Axle Bracket

International Tractors Ltd.

Process Driven Optimization and Stochastic Analysis for Occupant Safety Using HyperStudy

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Optimization of the Body-In-White (BIW) for multi Domain (NVH & Strength) functionality

Maruthi Suzuki

Explicit Dynamic Analysis of Bird Strike Simulations and Design Optimization of Composite Aircraft Structures

Octants Engineering Innovations

Optimization and Fine-tuning of a Vibration Fixture Design for Desired Dynamic Response

Rheomold Engineering Solutions

Structural Design Optimization in Mobile Devices

Samsung Research Institute

Exhaust System Optimization of Passenger Car for Maximizing Fuel Efficiency through HyperWorks

Sharda Motor Industries Ltd.

Structural Analysis and Optimization of a Mono Composite Leaf Spring for Better Mechanical Properties and Weight Reduction

Spectrus Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

Optimization of Tailgate Hinge Reinforcement Panel

TATA Technologies Ltd.

Structural Design Optimization of Starter Bracket Using Altair OptiStruct

Valeo India Private Ltd.

Aluminum Gear Shift Fork with Supporting Pad for light weighting in Commercial Vehicles

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

Weight optimization of Axle Beam using OptiStruct

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

Weight Optimization of Cabin Wind Deflector Using OptiStruct

VE Commercial Vehicle Ltd.

Structural Non-linear Topology Optimization of Transmission Housing for light weighting in Commercial Vehicles

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.


Linear Analysis (OptiStruct Analysis)

Modal Analysis of Structures Loaded With Fluid Using Virtual Fluid Mass Method

Ashok Leyland Ltd.

FRA Correlation Analysis for Hammering Test for Steering Wheel Model Using OptiStruct Solver

Autoliv India Pvt Ltd.

Seismic Analysis of 660mw Condenser Using Finite Element Method

BHEL, New Delhi

Analysis of Composite Structure Using HM12.0/ RADIOSS

Citec Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

Simulations Based Approach for Optimized Design of a Component to Improve NVH Performance at WOT Condition

Hyundai Motor India Engg Pvt Ltd.

Design Improvement in Battery Mounting Bracket Using FEA

International Tractors Ltd.

Design Improvement in “Kingpin Stub Axle Assembly” Using FEA

International Tractors Ltd.

Value Engineering of Engine Rear Cover by Virtual Simulation

International Tractors Ltd.

Patient Specific Design and Validation of Cranial Implants using FEA

Infosys Ltd.

Design Modification and Structural Analysis of Rotavator Blade by Using HyperWorks 12.0

Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore

Vibration Fatigue Analysis of Sheet Metal Fender Mounting Bracket & It's Subsequent Replacement With Plastic

Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd.

Structural Analysis of Spoke Wheel Rim Assembly of Motorcycle

Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd.

Advanced Vehicle Performance by Replacing Conventional Vehicle Wheel with a Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Composite Wheel

Spectrus Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

A Comprehensive CAE Analysis of Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) Drive Axles Using HyperWorks

TML Drivelines Ltd.

Efficient Methodology for Refrigerant Tube Layout NVH Optimization using OptiStruct

Whirlpool of India Ltd.


CFD (AcuSolve)


Investigation of pressure variation & fluid flow behavior inside the shock absorber piston assembly using CFD simulation & Design of Experiments
Gabriel India Limited.

Air Flow Study inside the Supermarket Refrigeration System

Hussmann Services India LLP

CFD Simulation of Cross Flow Turbine Using AcuSolve

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Performance Investigation of an Aircraft Wing at Various Cant Angles of Winglets using CFD Simulation

Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore

Process Automation of Exhaust System Optimization using AcuSolve, HyperStudy

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Thermal Analysis of Automotive Head Lamp Using AcuSolve

Minda Industries Ltd.

Numerical Thermal Analysis of a Module Level Power Electronics System

SunEdison Research Pvt. Ltd.

Back pressure Study in Exhaust Muffler of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine using CFD Analysis

Siddaganga Institute of Technology

Behavior of MRF Approach on Flow Rate, for the Blower Having Four Anti Fouling Blades & By Changing the Angular Orientation of the Blower about the Axis of Rotation
Whirlpool of India Ltd.

Porous Graphite Foam: Towards A Better Thermal Management in Vehicle

Altair Engineering, Bangalore.

Parametric Optimization of the Aerodynamic Shape of an Aircraft Engine Axial Entry Fan Blade

Altair Engineering Hellenic Balkan Center


Multi-Body Dynamics - (MotionView & MotionSolve)


Commercial Vehicle Powertrain Mount Selection Based on Static and Modal Analysis Using Altair MotionSolve

Ashok Leyland Ltd.

Multi-Body Dynamic Analysis of Lifting and Steering Mechanisms

Citec Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

Optimization of Two Wheeler Connecting Rod - Through Multi-Body FEA

Hinduja Tech Limited.


Manufacturing Simulation - Modeling / Visualization


Crashworthiness Analysis of Metro Cars (As per International Railway Standard EN 15227)


Steam Flow Simulation in Low Pressure Turbine Exhaust Hood System

BHEL, Hyderabad

Formability Analysis of Single Stage Drawing of Cylindrical Cup Using Altair HyperWorks

Marathwada Institute of Technology, Aurangabad

Mesh Generation from Point Cloud Data for Transtibial Prosthesis Socket Using Altair HyperMesh

Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur

Study of Cargo Barrier in ECE 17 test (Luggage Retention) Regulation

Tata Technologies Ltd.


HyperWorks Process Automation


Automatic Key Results Extraction Using TCL and TPL - A Case Study on UPD

Ashok Leyland

Customized HyperView Post-Processing Tool for Processing Flow - Thermo-Mechanical Results

GE Aviation

Scripting with HyperMesh to Automate the Process of Assigning Loads in Radial Fatigue Test for Wheels

Hyundai Motor India Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Efficiency Improvement using CAE Automation Tools

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

A Method for Mapping Definite Area Automatically Without User Interaction for Post-Processing

Mando Softtech India Pvt. Ltd.

CAE Process Automation to reduce Product Development Time

Mahindra Research Valley

Process Automation Using TCL Program to Create Load Collectors for Motorcycle Vibration Analysis in OptiStruct

Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd.

CAE Data Management of Aircraft Structural Components using Altair’s Simulation Manager

National Aerospace Laboratories



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