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Keynote Presentations
September 30th
Kazuhiro Iijima, Nissan "CAE of Nissan - Digitization of the New Car Development Process and the Prospects to the Future"
Dr. Gerd Schuhmacher, EADS Military "Numerical Optimization Methods in the Aerospace Design Process - Civil and Military Applications and Benefits -"
Jean Marc Crepel, Renault "CAE Integration in Renault Design Process"
Dave Peberdy, Unilever
"Delivering Innovation and Intelligence in Product Design"
Daniel Moulène, Lumeneo

"SMERA - Development of an Innovative Alternative Electric Car"

James Scapa, Altair "Altair's Company Vision"
Keynote Presentations
October 01st
Dr. Uwe Schramm, Altair "Altair's Product Direction - HyperWorks Vision"
Henrik Wentzel, Scania "A Modelling Tool that Fully Exploits Product Modularization"
Udo Jankowski, Tecosim "The Future of CAE: Integrate or Fail"
Technical session 1: Composites
September 30th
Dr. Tamas Havar, Francisco Roman, EADS Innovation Works
"Analysis of Innovative Composite Aircraft Structures"
Jean Baptiste Mouillet, Altair "Improved Composite Damages and Failure Simulation with RADIOSS"
Karine Thoral Pierre, CEDREM "The Blast Energy Absorption with New Material 3D Composite"
Salim Bouabdallah, Esilv, M. Zarroug, PSA "Modelling of Windshield Mechanical Behaviour with Radioss"
Silvio Cabrele, Eurocopter "Concept Design of a Composite Aircraft Door Through Integrated Finite Element Analysis, Multi-Body Simulation and Structural Optimization in HyperWorks"
Technical session 2: Safety
September 30th
Romuald Fallet, Segula "Mine Explosion and Blast Effect on Vehicle: Analysis of the Potential Damage on Passengers"
Prof. Z.-Q. Feng, Université d'Evry "Finite Element Simulation of Impact Problems - Some Comparison Results Between FER/Impact and RADIOSS"
Pierre Huss, Ludovic Finet, Alstom "Numerical Reconstitution of the Zoufftgen Accident"
Virginie Astier, Inrets-LBA "Finite Element Simulation of Humeral Intramedullary Nailing: Case of Torsion Loading"
Lionel Thollon, Yves Godio, Inrets-LBA
"Numerical Simulation to Predict Rib Fractures in Case of Motorcyclist Accident"
Technical session 3: Development Process
September 30th
Mark Gevers, Stefan Schneider Tecosim

"TEC|WORX Toolbox: Optimized Model Build Using HyperWorks Automation Technologies"

Dr. U. Jakobus, Dr. Markus Schick, EMSS "Using FEKO for Electromagnetic Simulations in the Automotive Environment"
Alexander Siefert, Wölfel beratende Ingenieure "Application of Software Tool CASIMIR within HyperMesh for the Assessment of Static and Dynamic Seating Comfort"
Nicolas Davout, Sogeti "Virtual Testing Methodologies"
W. Feikert, Huß&Feickert

"Assessment of Fatigue Life According to FKM-Code Within HyperWorks"

Technical session 4: Multibody Simulation
September 30th
Rajiv Rampalli, Altair "Altair MBD Solutions - The Current Status and Future Directions "
David J. Fothergill, ARRK Technical Services Ltd "The Use of MBD Modelling Techniques in the Design and Development of a Suspension System"
Marcello di Fina, TR Engineering "Process Automation of Suspension Simulation with HyperWorks MotionView"
Markus Kvist, CAE Value "Door Closing/Opening Efforts and Energies"
Takeshi Inoue, Toyota Auto Body Co.,Ltd. "Door Slam Simulation for Durability Analysis with Multibody Dynamics"
Technical session 5: Optimization
September 30th
Simon Gardner, Force India "Optimization of a Composite Aerodynamic F1 Rear Wing"
Andrea Crucianelli, Ferretti "Development Methodology Based on Numerical Simulation Applied to a New Composite Pleasure Boat"
Andrea Avaldi, Ericson Racing "Structural Design, Optimization and Construction for SpeedBoat Yacht"
Michael Hamacher, FKA "Optimization of Tailored Blank Concepts for Vehicle Doors"
Mauricio Monteagudo Galindo, Faurecia "Size Optimization Process of an Exhaust System"
Technical session 6: Safety
September 30th
Francis Arnaudeau, Altair "Guidelines and Evolutions on Airbag Modelling with RADIOSS"
Jerome Lagrut, AB Volvo "Simulation For Airbag Sensor Calibration"
Gernot Oberhofer, Matfem "A New Modular Material Model for the Design of Light Weight Structures in Automotive Engineering with Respect to Crashworthiness"
Dr. Horst Lanzerath, Ford R&A Engineering Europe "Simulation Tool Including Failure for Structural Adhesives in Full-Car Crash Models"
Caroline Deck, R. Willinger, University of Strasbourg "Head Injury Criteria Based on Head FE Modelling"
Technical session 7: Development Process
September 30th
Philippe Gilotte, Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior "Integration of CFD Computation in a General FEM Computation Methodology"
Toru Yamasaki, Mitsushi Okada, Software Cradle "Duct Design Optimization of an HVAC System Using Fast CFD Solver SC/Tetra"
Dr. Oshin Peroomian , Metacomp Technologies "CFD Analysis of the American Challenger Rocket Car using CFD++"
Peter Heyes, nCode "Efficient Processes for the Development and Validation of Dynamically Loaded Structures Against Fatigue"
Axel Werkhausen, Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG

"Fatigue Analysis 2008 is More than Comparing Nominal Stress to Fatigue Limits"

Technical session 8: Multibody Simulation
September 30th
Mathias Roemer, Opel
Christoph Halfmann, Opel
"Golden Source Templates for Vehicle Dynamics Simulation with HyperWorks MotionView"
Stefano Verzelli, Ducati "Development of a Multibody Model of a Vehicle on a Fatigue Test Bench"
Prof. Dr. Michael Gipser, Esslingen University "CTI: Next Generation Tire Interfacing"
Dr. Heiko Baum, FLUIDON "DSHplus-STC - Fluid Power Specific Simulation Modules for an Integrated Virtual Engineering in MotionSolve"
Christian Prettenthaler, Martin Rudigier, Martin Horn; VIF "Robust Driver Model for Vehicle Dynamics Simulations"
Technical session 9: Optimization
October 01st
Michal Brezina, Ricardo "Optimization of Aluminium Material Use for an Automotive Crankcase"
Xavier Dugros, DPS "Optimization of an Engine Bracket with OptiStruct"
Luciano Maestrelli, Studio Maestrelli "Bicycle Frame Optimization by Means of an Adavanced Gradient Method Algorithm"
Luca Frattari, University of Camerino "Topology Optimization in Industrial Design"
Dr. Loris Barbieri, Prof. Maurizio Muzzupapa, University of Calabria "Guidelines for an Efficient Integration of Computer Aided Innovation with Optimization and PLM"
Technical session 10: Safety
October 01st
Maciek Wronski, Altair "Multi-Domain Approach to Parallel Computations in Structure Dynamics Using RADIOSS"
Fabien Breda, PSA "New Approach to Modelize Crash Honeycomb Barrier: Shell Mesh of the Honeycomb"
Dr. Robert Schilling, Ford Werke GmbH "Numerical Simulation of Polymeric Foams Under Impact Loading"
Aurélie Brachet, PSA "Implicit Radioss Application: Gravity Loading for Full Car Crash Test Simulations"
Prof. Michel Arrigoni, Ensieta

"Numerical Simulation of Stress Waves in Water: Application to Lithotripsy and Decontamination of Waterway"

Technical session 11: Development Process
October 01st
Stefan Eberhard, Altair, Jörg Brauner, BMW "HyperMath: Practical Use Cases"
Jonas Larsson, ABB
"Simulation-Based Development of Industrial Robots"
Doris Mohr, Bombardier Germany "Efficient Modelling and Postprocessing of Spot Welded Railway Vehicle Car Bodies"
Arcangelo Schena, CIMES "Manufacturing Simulations: Simulation of the Actions in Silos and Tanks with the Smooth Particles Hydrodynamics Method"
Rainer Jouaux, ED Züblin AG "Tunnel Design with HyperWorks Using a Custom-Specified FE-Solver"
Technical session 12: Aerospace
October 01st
Stephane Grihon, Airbus "A380 Cruciform Joint Optimization"
Wolfang Machunze , EADS Innovation Works; Matthias Radny, Altair "Usage of HyperWorks within Aviation Industries - Particularly Composite Optimization"
Alice Vagnot, Eurocopter, Yannick Chauveau, EMA "Ice Impact on Critical Helicopter Parts is one of the Safety Issues Considered by Regulations Requirements"
Dr. Pietro-Carlo Marucchi-Chierro, Roberto Ullio, ThalesAlenia "Landing Impact and Water Splashdown Simulations of a Re-Entry Vehicle - Preliminary Analysis"
Jyrik Majamaki, Eurocopter "Water Impact Analysis with RADIOSS Using Eulerian Water Model"
Technical session 13: Optimization
October 01st
Axel Seeger, Delphi Berlin "Optimization and Robustness Analysis in Occupant Protection Systems"
Blai Sorita, Henkel "New Bus Optimized Structure to Improve the Roll-Over Test (ECE R66) Using Structural Foam (TEROCORE) with High Strengh Steel"
Torsten Gärtner, Tecosim; Oliver Ganßloser, Trenkwalder Engineering "Development and Optimization of Instrument Panels for Frontal Crash with LowerBodySled"
Pierre Jousset, Sika "Development of an Inverse Identification Procedure to Evaluate Material Constitutive Parameters for the Finite Element Simulation of Structural Adhesives"
Vasant Pednekar, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH "Topology Optimization of Plastic Metal Hybrid Structures"
Levent Aymelek, Ricardo "Optimization of SCR Flow by Means of 3D CFD Simulation with Vectis and HyperWorks"
Technical session 14: Safety
October 01st
Samuel Bidal, Altair "Improving Human Model, Example of Applications"
Martijn Tibosch, Axel Hänschke, Ford-Werke GmbH "Application of Finite Element Dummies in Frontal Crash Simulation"
Dr. Daniel Baumgartner, R. Willinger, Universite de Strasbourg "Human Head Injury Criteria Against Impact Derived from Numerical Real World Accidents Reconstruction"
Sebastien Laport, ENSAM (CNRS) "Identification and Modelling of the Ribs Mechanical Behaviour"
Aurelien Laville, IMASSA/LBM "Geometrical and Mechanical Modelling of the Cervical Spine for Dynamic Applications"
Meyer F., Bourdet N., Willinger R., URM (University Strasbourg) "Head-Neck Finite Element Model - Validation in the Frequency Domain and Simulation of a Rear Impact"
Technical session 15: Development Process
October 01st
Jörgen Hilmann, Ford Werke GmbH, Hans Zimmer SFE GmbH "Process Improvements to Significantly Reduce Turn Around Times for Attribute Assessments in the Early Days of Vehicle Development"
Ulrich Scheibe, GKN Driveline "How to Get Simulation Better Accepted"
Geraldine Guebara, Sogeti "Robust Analysis, Reliability and Test Correlation of Aeronautical Structures Using HyperStudy"
Mehrdad Ghanbari, Mahle
"Injecting Innovation into Performance Engine Design"
Martin Mueller, Opel "Mount Studio: A Tool for Efficient Engine Mount System Development for Global Vehicle Platforms"
Delphine Lizarazu, Sogeti "Meshing Production for Acoustic Analyses"
Technical session 16: Manufacturing
October 01st
Lionel Morancay, Altair    "A Survey of RADIOSS Features and Performances for Stamping Simulation"
Alexis Bacha, ALCAN "Industrial Use of Numerical Models for the Evaluation and Improvement of Extrusion Die Designs"
Amin Farjad Bastani, Sintef "Study of Flow Balance Over a Press Cycle with HyperXtrude"
Hubert W. Klein, Dirk Brune, Horst Gers, University Meschede and Honsel "Aluminum Extrusion Design and Calculation by HyperXtrude"
Fabien Bogard, Y.M. Li, Y.Q. Guo, Universite de Reims "Comparison of a Pseudo-Inverse Approche in Stamping Analysis with One-Step and Incremental Methods in HyperForm"
Alfredo Elia, AES, Guido Vindrola, AMET "A Business Intelligence Tool Applied to a Manufacturing Simulation Environment"




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