Multibody-Simulation of Power Boosted Control System of a Medium Sized Helicopter

The medium sized utility Helicopters build by Eurocopter Germany are equipped with two engines and are mainly used for emergency medical services and passenger transports. The helicopters are equipped with hingeless or bearingless main rotor systems.

The aerodynamic control loads coming from the blades are reacted via the rotating pitch links, swashplate and mixing gear lever unit by three hydraulic actuators for longitudinal, lateral and collective axis. In the past, the interface loads (for the parts between the blade and the actuator) were only derived from flight measurements. In order to determine the critical load path and the interface loads in an early phase of development (i.e. before the flight test) and also for better evaluation of damages during the lifetime of the helicopter, it was decided to create a rigid body kinematic model of the boosted control section. This model was created by the ALTAIR HyperMesh and MotionSolve software with geometrical data imported from CATIA V5. The model was validated with flight measurement data and the calculated interface loads were used for FEM analysis. In a second step it is planned to replace some parts with flexible bodies to determine the effect of deformation on the load distribution.

The Author

Felix Blume

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