Smart optimization process for metal versus composites solutions

Today, many aeronautical parts originally manufactured in metal become design and build in composites. According to our customer specifications, these parts are more and more loaded by their use, regroup more and more functions (a sub assembly designed in 20 metallic parts can lead to a 1 composite part) and must be as light as possible.

In this way, we try to define an optimization process, which can give us the best in class, in composite, in metallic, and the hybrid part since the beginning of the project.

Simulations have been carried out combining HyperStudy, OptiStruct and some third party software. The objective is to decrease the weight, respect our customer requirements (frequency, static loads, buckling,…), minimizing the cost and taking into account our industrial tools, from a metallic or composites point of view. In this way, some special shapes have been found and were applicable to a large variety of our products
Finally, this process allows us to decrease the weight with an average of 40% on our product, whatever the solution (metallic, composite or hybrid), fulfilling the customer requirement with extra performances and respecting our industrial process.


The Author

François Migeot      
Ingénieur R&T / FEA
MS composites - Groupe AD Industrie