Riding into the Future - 3D Printed Bike

Renishaw has collaborated with Empire cycles and Altair to design and produce the world’s first 3D printed metal bike frame. Chris Williams the bike designer had used 3D printers to make polymer prototypes, as have others. Parts of cycle frames such as lugs and dropouts had been manufactured before but never a whole frame; Renishaw was keen to showcase the capabilities of its AM250 laser melting machine and show how important working in partnership is – so it made a perfect collaboration. Was it as easy as just pressing print? This presentation will discuss:

  • What design considerations needed to be taken into account?

  • What strengthening features where incorporated?

  • How was topological optimisation used?

  • How will the technology change industry – will it change how bikes and other consumer goods are specified, customised and made in the future?

  • Is it cost effective?


The Author

David Ewing
Renishaw plc.