Laser additive manufacturing of lightweight structures in TiAl6V4 – a design for manufacturing approach

Due to its high geometrical freedom additive manufacturing technologies offer a significant potential for lightweight applications, especially in the field of aviation. Yet, process specific restrictions and guidelines for the design, especially for metallic lightweight structures, are only marginally spread. Time and cost intensive iteration cycles until a process stable part manufacturing and an only insufficient use of the freedom in design can be the result. Addressing these shortcomings the presentation will show a DFM approach for LAM based on the VDI 2221. Supporting the designer in load and manufacturing suitable solutions by the implementation of DFM guidelines, structural biomimetic and topology optimization is the focus of this approach. The whole design process is covered and specifically supported by the implementation of LAM design guidelines. The presented approach will be shown by a demonstrator part.


The Author

Jannis Kranz
Phd Student
Technische Universität Hamburg Harburg