Topology Design of a Metallic Load Introduction Bracket Manufactured by ALM

The usage of numerical optimization within the development process for aircraft structures enables the engineer to reduce cost and weight for new airplanes. Next to the evolution of optimization methods also manufacturing approaches are enhanced, like e.g. the ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing) process.

So far results of topology optimization for metallic structures are used to derive design ideas which were transferred manually into a manufacturable design. Therefore SoA manufacturing processes like milling or casting are considered.

The application of the ALM process enables the engineer to transfer topology optimization results near-net-shape to the ALM manufacturing. Therefore defined manufacturing driven design constraints need to be considered during the optimization process to minimize the post-treatment effort. 

Key aspect of the presentation is to show the development process and lessons learnt for a topology optimized metallic load introduction bracket manufactured by ALM. This investigation was made in cooperation with EOS (leading manufacturer of laser sinter equipment) and Altair.


The Author

Wolfgang Machunze
EADS Innovation Works