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Development Process
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Development Process
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Civil/Nuclear Engineering
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Multi-body Dynamics


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Keynote Presentations
November 3rd

James Scapa, Altair

Altair's Company Vision


Christoph Gümbel, Porsche

The Use of CAE in the Development of the Porsche Panamera

Marc Bocqué, PSA Peugeot Citroën Peugeot & the Automotive Industry: When Crisis Fuels Opportunities

Manfred Seiler, Eurocopter

CAE Solutions as Central Strategic IM Service in Eurocopter Group


Gennaro Monacelli, CNH

Virtual Product Development at Case New Holland

Keynote Presentations
November 4th
Dr. Uwe Schramm, Altair Altair's Product Direction - HyperWorks Vision  
Massimo Fariello, Altair HyperWorks Enterprise  
Laurent DiValentin, PSA Peugeot Citroën Development Process to Assure Five Star Crash Ratings  
Technical session 1: Optimization
November 3rd
P. du Cauze de Nazelle, LMT–ENS Cachan, A. Hähnel, Renault
Early Stage Design Optimization of an Automotive Crankshaft  
Eric Hansenne, BOSAL Research CFD Analysis and Optimization of an Exhaust Component  
Torsten Bunge, Flender Cost Minimization for the planet carrier by topology optimization  
Arnulf Deschler, ZF Friedrichshafen Topology Optimization of a Ship Gearbox Housing for Catamarans  
Peter Hougardy, Audi AG Topology Optimization of Engine and Gearbox Mount Castings  
Technical session 2: RADIOSS/Safety
November 3rd
Axel Hänschke, Ford The CAE Driven Safety Development Process of the New Ford Fiesta  
Robert Kant, FTSS Update of the FTSS RADIOSS Dummy Model Development Program  
Aleksandar Bach, Ford Research Efficient Coupling of Refined and Standard Meshes in Full Vehicle Crash Simulations  
Dr. Dmitri Fokin, Altair Airbag Folding Using RADIOSS Pre-simulation  
Robert Raulf, HBPO
Nonlinear Optimization of a Child Head Impact Using HyperStudy  
Technical session 3: Development Process
November 3rd
Thomas Schmid, ForceFive

Fast Parametric Concept Model Development with Direct Interfacing to CAE Using Altair HyperMesh Batch Meshing and Batch Assembling

Michael Hoarau, Sogeti Process & Data Management in a Structural Sizing Procedure  
Dámaso López Ruiz, Tecosim Effective CAE Process Using HyperWorks and TECOSIM Tools  
Axel Werkhausen, MagnaPowertrain Latest Improvements in FEMFAT to Simulate Reality  
Peter Heyes, Stephan Vervoort, Jeff Mentley, HBM Customisation of nCode DesignLife to Model Fatigue of Engineered Polymers  
Technical session 4: Civil/Nuclear Engineering
November 3rd
Sylvain Tholance, ATR Ingénierie Drop Test Behavior of a Low Radioactive Waste Package in Concrete  
Thomas Nierhaus, Evonik FEM-Applications in Nuclear Engineering: Container Drop Test Simulations  
Dr. Charles Shahrokh Ghavamian, NECS Diagnosis of Civil Engineering Structures Under Severe Accidental Loading  
Asbjørn Søndergaard, Aarhus School of Architecture Topology Optimized Concrete Structures  
Axel Grischow, Hochschule der Künste Bremen 3D Ornaments - Form Finding Strategies  
Technical session 5: Optimization
November 3rd
Maria Schmitt, Kirchhoff Optimization of Typical Kirchhoff Automotive Parts with OptiStruct  
Dr. Ronaldo F. Nunes, Daimler AG Optimization of Brakes Systems  
Manuel Henner, Valeo Fan System Design and Performances Prediction Through Optimization Process  
Martin Risberg, Swerea Topology Optimization of Castings  
Danilo Col, MERIDIAN MAGNESIUM FOUNDRIES Cost Savings on Magnesium Die-Casting Concept Using OptiStruct  
Dr. Dennis Schwerzler, Altair Engineering Solving NVH Optimization Problems Assisted by HyperWorks  
Technical session 6: RADIOSS/Safety
November 3rd
Harold van Aken, Code Product Solutions BV Glass Fiber Reinforced Structural Components for a Group 1 Child Seat  
Dr. Jerome Coulton, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH Assessment of Full Width Deformable Barrier Test and CAE Simulations  
Mark Gevers, Tecosim, Robert Schilling, FORD Werke GmbH Modeling of Laminated Glass for Safety Simulation in RADIOSS  
Kamila Flidrova, PSA Peugeot Citroën Reduction of Finite Element Models for Explicit Car Crash Simulations  
Alexandre Mugnai, TASS MADYMO and RADIOSS, The Strength of a Combined Approach  
Fabien Breda, PSA HIII FTSS Testing in PSA Model  
Karine Thoral Pierre, Cedrem 3D Fabric Modelling with HyperWorks for Impact Field  
Technical session 7: Development Process
November 3rd
René Henn, RWTH Aachen Application of Results from CFD-Simulations on a Race Car  
Eiichiro Uchida, Software Cradle Applications of CFD Using SC/Tetra in the Engineering Industries  
Farzin Shakib, Acusim AcuSolve(TM): High Fidelity CFD Solutions and Fluid Structure Interaction Simulation  
Dr. Armin Veitl, Altair, Dr. Alexander Dohn, CERAMTEC AG CAE Based Development Methods for Thermal Management of LEDs  
Benjamin Nerstheimer, HME

Symbiotic Combination of HyperWorks with Code Aster

Glen Skimming, Sun Sun Business Ready Solution for HyperWorks  
Dr. Paul Batten, Metacomp CFD applications using CFD++  
Technical session 8: Manufacturing
November 3rd
Mehdi Ben Tahar, Alcan ALCAN Experience with HyperXtrude 9.0 and 10.0  
Heiko Baum, Fluidon CAE Driven Design of Forging Presses  
Tore Holene, Isringhausen Use of One Step Forming Simulation in Early Development Phases  
Aurore Claverie, Mecaplast Use of HyperForm for Plastic Products: Comparison of HyperForm One Step/HyperForm INCREMENTAL  
Marcello Ostorero, Bottero Mould Opening and Closing Mechanism Development Using HyperWorks  
Roberto D'Aria, Altair Engineering Topological, Shape and Multidiciplinary Combined Optimization for Fixed Crossbeam in Hydraulic Press through the use of OptiStruct and HyperStudy  
Technical session 9: Optimization
November 4th
Anthony Hähnel, Renault Lessons Learnt from Deploying Optimization for Different Operational Units of Renault  
Peter Seggewiß, Pierburg GmbH Introduction and First Experiences with Optimization Tools Within Pierburg  
Carsten Höfer, Hyundai Improved Development Approach Using Fast Concept Modeling and Optimization  
Luis Höks, Tedrive Optimization Within the Product Development Process at Tedrive  
David Funke, Imperia Topology Optimization of a Steel-Aluminium-Hybrid for an Automotive Body Structure  
Miodrag Conic, Volkswagen AG Topology Optimization of a Concept Car Body in the Early Design Phase  
Technical session 10: RADIOSS/Safety
November 4th
M. Montava, et al. Hopital Nord AP-HM Numerical Tools Dedicated to Biomedical Applications and Virtual Traumatology  
Matthias Göbel, Johnson Controls GmbH Developing and Testing of Mechanisms and Kinematics at Johnson Controls  
Matthias Schneider, Mannesmann Salzgitter Forschung Identification of a GTN Damage Model Parameter set Using HyperStudy  
Roger Assaker, Thibault Villette, e-xstream Multi-Scale Modeling of Reinforced Plastic Parts with Digimat to RADIOSS  
Virginie Astier, Vincent Garitey, Frédéric Mouret, Protomed & Samuel Bidal, Altair Use of Airbag Modelling to Cardiovascular Development  
Hartmut Chladek, INPROSIM GmbH Material Model for Deformation and Failure of Cast Iron for High-Speed Impacts  
Technical session 11: Aerospace
November 4th
Jeff Brennan, Altair Engineering
A Comprehensive Process for Composite Design Optimisation  
Francesca Bianchi, Agusta Westland Bird Strike Simulations with RADIOSS on AW Helicopter Blade and Rotor Controls  
Paolo Peraudo, Politecnico di Torino, Avio Aeroengine's Component Optimization through Mesh Morphing Approach  
Nikolas Kawaski, Sogeti Topological Optimisation of Satellites Structures  
Heiko Beck, Ingenieurbüro Huß und Feickert Simulation of Containment-Tests of Fast-Spinning Rotors With RADIOSS  
Markus Schemat, Altair, Jörg Löffler, Eurocopter Optimization Driven Design Process of a Composite Helicopter Structure  
Technical session 12: Development Process
November 4th
Teresa Primo, University of Salento & Antonio Caruso, AgustaWestland
Non conventional Metalforming Processes Automation  
Eric Padiolleau, CETIM / Valeo Customer Usage Tracking in a Shared Simulation Infrastructure  
Rocco Cappiello, Synopsis Consulting Product Cost Tracking and Analysis  
Massimo Bertoletti, Marco Bosisio, A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica Extrusion Analysis Intelligence  
Dr. Burkhard Göttlicher, Emcon Technologies GmbH Automated Report Generation for Frequency Response Analysis of Exhaust Systems  
Dr. Philipp Heinzl, Thomas Grausgruber, Siemens Transportation Advanced Preprocessing for Weld Fatigue Analysis  
Technical session 13: Development Process
November 4th
Norbert Helmecke, Daimler AG From Drawings to Topology Optimization - Development Process Evolution at Daimler  
Oscar Brocades Zaalberg, BPO Development/Optimization of Plastic Products  
Dr. Volker Schulze, Dr. Jürgen Bruns, Volkswagen Group Volkswagen's Needs for Future FE Modell Creation Strategies for NVH and Crash Applications  
Rolf Klamann, Continental Teves Optimization of Passenger Car Brake Systems by Stress Analysis  
Guillaume Laurent, Jérôme Naturel, ThyssenKrupp Sofedit Concept Evaluation and Optimisation Tool for Rear Twist Beam Axle  
Adrian Chapple, ThyssenKrupp Tallent Evolutionary Design in Chassis Technology  
Technical session 14: RADIOSS/Safety
November 4th
Gaetan Hanen, Inrets Head Impacts of Standing Passengers in Rail Transports  
Dr. Michel Arrigoni, Ensieta Numerical Simulation of Edge Effects of Gas Gun Experiments  
Jérémie Peres, Inrets Development of Pregnant woman model to understand injury mechanisms in case of frontal impact  
Sebastien Roth, Univ. de Technologie de Belfort Montbeliard Influence of Mesh Density on a Finite Element Model Submitted to Dynamic Loading  
Issmaïl Meskin, Valeo A methodology for sizing pedestrian protection absorbers in sub-systems  
Technical session 15: Composites
November 4th
Andrea Avaldi, Abstructures Efficient Carbon Composite Design for Sailing Boat Structures  
Dr. Christoph Katzenschwanz, ACENTISS GmbH Structural Development and Optimization of Wind Power Plants Rotor Blades  
Frank Braymand, L&L Products Improved Physical Property Prediction of Short Fiber Reinforced Polyamide  
Markus Longeru, Sogeti
HyperWorks in the Analysis and Optimization of Composite Structures  
Bernhard Wiedemann, Altair, S. Menzel, Volkswagen Group Research Optimization of a Fiber Composite B-Pillar  
Andrea Mura, Politecnico di Torino Dynamic Response of Structures with Viscoelastic Cover  
Technical session 16: Multi-body Dynamics
November 4th
Gerald Hofmann, Dr. Michael Gipser, Cosin Scientific Software New High Performance Stiff and Deformable Digital Roads for FTire  
Arnaud Paire, Sokaris Ingénierie Rhône-Alpes Development of a Sequential Shifter for a Racing Automotive Gearbox  
Frank Harmeling, Karl Mayer Optimization of Fast-Moving, Highly Precise Mechanisms  
Dirk Bordien, Volkswagen Motorsport Vertical Dynamics of an Offroad Racecar  
Steen Cosmus Thaning, MAN Diesel Oil Bearing Calculations in Ship Diesel Engines Using MotionSolve  
Christian Prettenthaler, Virtual Vehicle Development of a MotionSolve Integrated Driver Model