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Conference Day 1 - October 28th   Conference Day 2 - October 29th
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Development Process
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Development Process
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Multibody Simulation
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NVH Development Process
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Development Process
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Ship Building
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Civil/Nuclear Engineering/Design

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Keynote Presentations - October 28th
James Scapa, Altair Altair's Company Vision
Dr. Uwe Schramm, Altair Altair's Product Direction - HyperWorks Vision
Thomas Merchant, Peugeot 200 Years Peugeot
Andrea-Ivan Marasco, Airbus The Airbus A350XWB Optimization Centre: An Optimization Deployment Model
Djamal Midoun, Ford CAE and Testing, A Hand in Hand Process in Crashworthiness

Keynote Presentations - October 29th
Alessandro Mazzardo, solidThinking Getting the Right Design, Getting the Design Right
LeCorre, Alstom; Roberts, Bombardier Design and Validation Process for Rail Passive Safety
Christophe Lemaitre, Faurecia Global CAE & Testing Approach at Faurecia Automotive Seating
Jerome Lagrut, Volvo 3P Driving Innovation through Multidisciplinary Optimization
Toshihiro Araki, Nissan CAE Current Status and Future Plan in Nissan Motor
Jean-Luc Assor, HP & Ullrich Becker-Lemgau, Intel Accelerating CAE Innovation through an Intelligent, Converged Infrastructure

Session 1: Optimization - October 28th
Julien Guye & Bernard Charlet, PSA

Fatigue Topology Optimization of a Crankcase

Peter Seggewiß, Pierburg

Introduction and First Experiences with Optimization Tools within the Pierburg DRIVE Product Development Process

Cagri Cevik, FEV

Dynamic Optimization of Crankshafts with ESLM Methodology

Isabel Braun, IndustrieHansa

Structural Optimization and Stress Analysis with HyperShape/CATIA in the Automotive Field

Dr. Anthony Hähnel & Arnaud Sohier, Renault

Shape Optimization for Early and Detailed Design: Applications to Cylinder-Blocks and Oil Pans 

Dr. Matthieu Duchemin, MCE-5

Topology and Free Shape Optimization of the Control Rack of the MCE-5 VCRi Engine

Session 2: RADIOSS/Safety - October 28th
Jose Dias, ACTS

Development of a Pre-Crash System for Side Impact Protection Enhancement

Marc Gevers, TECOSIM

Optimizing of laminated glass model in RADIOSS and LS-DYNA for safety simulation

Nicolas Vallino, PSA

Coupling one Step/RADIOSS

Daniel Baumgartner, University of Strasbourg

Analysis of Traumatic Brain Injuries Using a Rat Brain Finite Element Model

Robert Kant, Humanetics Innovative Solutions

Development of a CPU Time Efficient Dummy Model - H350 Express RADIOSS Model

Denis Pacheteau, AKKA

Innovative Studies of New Frontal Impact Cases

Session 3: NVH Development Process - October 28th
Marco Spinelli, FIAT

Reducing Brake Squeal Using DOE Approach on Complex Analysis with HyperStudy

Dr. Ronaldo Nunes, Daimler

Multibody Dynamic Simulation Combined with Finite Element Method to Assess Break Moan Noise

Marcelo Fonseca Barbosa, Valeo

Dynamic Stiffness Optimization Using RADIOSS

Joachim Sigl, Magna Powertrain Lannach

NVH CAE Model Creation and Assembly Strategy for Powertrain Components Including Gear Sets

Issmail Meskin, Valeo

NVH Approach on Front End Division Using HyperWorks Applications

Sébastien Drouilhet-Peyre, Sogeti

Methodology Improvements for Numerical Acoustic Analyses

Session 4: Aerospace - October 28th
Daniel Zell, MT Aerospace Optimization Strategies Applied to Advanced Ariane 5 Upper Stage Concepts with Specific Focus to Mass Reduction of Stringer Stiffened Cylinder Shells
Alexander Bruns, Airbus

Sizing-Optimization of Different Flap-Concepts

Gaetantocosimo Massari & Francesca Bianchi, AgustaWestland

Structural Analysis of a Composite Structure in AgustaWestland

Dietmar Vogt, EADS

A New Method to Visualize Geometric Scatter from Stochastic Simulation Studies

Ronan Pitois, Eurocopter

The new HyperMesh/Samcef Interface at Eurocopter: Deployment and Industrial Applications

Brian Bautz, EADS IW

Optimization Based Concept Development of Innovative CFRP Cargo-Floor Structures

Session 5: Optimization - October 28th
Ahmed Oshinibos, ThyssenKrupp Tallent Limited

Application of Design of Experiment in Crash Beam Development

Eric Hansenne, Bosal

CFD Analysis and Optimization of an Exhaust Component Using HyperWorks and its Partner Solutions

Maurizio Casasola, CRC

Topology Optimization of Swing Arm Axle Plate for Mv Agusta F4 MY '10

Elvis Kwassi, DINCCS

Optimization Methodologies for SME's

Dr. Frank Braymand, L&L

Coupling of Digimat to RADIOSS and OptiStruct: Improved Physical Property Prediction of Short Fiber Reinforced Polyamide by Utilizing Fiber Orientation


Innovative Methodology for Automotive Weatherstrip Design Using an Optimization Technique

Session 6: RADIOSS/Safety - October 28th
Francis Arnaudeau, Altair Crash Simulations in Few Minutes – Enabling Technology and Development Opportunities
Olivier Moulinjeune, Rhodia

M.M.I. ConfidentDesignTM: Improving the Prediction of RADIOSS Calculations with Rhodia Data and Digimat

Patrick Jumin, SNCF

Railway Specificities in Crash Simulations

Dr. Salim Abdennadher,
Altair Development

RADIOSS Honeycomb Scaled Cell Size Modeling Method: Application to Deformable Barrier Models

Michel Arrigoni, Ensieta

Contribution of RADIOSS Simulation to the Development of Shock Adhesion Tests

Harold van Aken, Code Product Solutions BV

Fluid-Structure Interaction Using RADIOSS Explicit Wind Loading on a Flexible Structure

Session 7: Development Process - October 28th
Axel Werkhausen, Magna ECS

Efficient Modelling and Evaluation of Welding Seams at Stadler Rail

Renè von Dombrowski, FLUIDON

Co-Simulation of Modern CAx Tools - Setup Guidelines and Usage Experiences

Peter Heyes, nCode/HBM

Fatigue Analysis of Welded Structures Using nCode DesignLife

Paul Batten, Metacomp

Automotive Aeroacoustics Applications using CFD++ and CAA++

Roger Assaker, e-Xstream

Effective & Efficient Material Modeling Using DIGIMAT’s Nonlinear Multi-Scale Modeling Technology with the HyperWorks Suite

Venny Yang, Moldex

Moldex3D-Radioss Integration for Designing Plastic Parts to Meet Reliability Requirements

Dr. Macoumba N'Diaye, FLUOREM/Software Cradle SC/Tetra The Innovative and Award Winning CFD software

Session 8: Ship Building - October 28th
Andrea Avaldi, AB Structures

Design and Test of a New Generation Carbon Keel Fin for Ocean Sailing Boat

Ronald van Dijk, FEMTO

Slamming of Ships with RADIOSS

Lazaros Tsioraklidis, Inter FEA

Simulation of an Ocean Wave Energy Generator Using SPH

Jean-François Badreau, MBDA

Interaction of Motor Exhaust with Mobile Underwater Structure Using RADIOSS ALE

Shengcheng Ji, UTC, UMR

Numerical Simulation of Ship-Induced Waves in Inland Waterways, with RADIOSS

Tom Goodwin, Altair PD

CVF Structural Design - Productivity Benefits through the Application of HyperWorks

Session 9: Optimization - October 29th
Matt Tomlin, Leeds University on behalf of EADS IW

Topology Optimisation of an Additive Layer Manufactured (ALM) Aerospace Part

Mikael Thellner, Scania

Topology Optimization with Contact Constrains

Markus Longeru, Sogeti

Robust Approach for the Optimization of Riveted Connections in CFRP Parts and the Effect on Global Structure Optimization

Gerlando Augello, Thales

A Tool for a Quick Evaluation of Tank Domes Behavior and for their Optimization Using HyperStudy

Alicia Schauz, Porsche Engineering Services GmbH

Merging the CAD and CAE Worlds - Implementation of HyperShape/CATIA in Customer Development Projects at Porsche Engineering

Session 10: Development Process - October 29th
Dr. Wolfgang Feickert, IHF

Assessment of Static Strength and Fatigue Life According to FKM-Code within HyperWorks

Cord Bommelmann, Grimme

CAE Methods in the Development Process of GRIMME Root Crop Harvesters

Christophe Bastien, University of Coventry

HyperWorks - The Industrial Standard Toolset for Academia

Mauricio Monteagudo, Faurecia Exhaust Systems

Definition and Selection of the Proper Flex Coupling for an Exhaust System

Sébastien Roth, UTBM

Mesh and Orientation Dependance of FE Models for Dynamic Simulations

Session 11: RADIOSS - October 29th
Dr. Andrea Mura, Politecnico di Torino

Contact Pressure in Spline Couplings Teeth Surface

Francois Renaudin, DOREL

Child Restraint Design Optimization Using Simulation Tools

Aurelién Laville, LBM

Parametric and Subject-Specific Finite Element Modeling of the Cervical Spine: How does Morphology Influence the Biomechanical Behavior?

Karine Thoral Pierre, CEDREM

High Speed Impact on Armour Plate: Methodology and Correlation with Tests

Virginie Astier, Protomed

Cardiovascular Stent Development: to an Improved Realistic Life Cycle Simulation

Session 12: Enterprise/PBS/HPC - October 29th
Max Fariello, Altair Elevating HyperWorks to the Enterprise
Marco Grandi, APUS

HyperControl, a HiQube Solution for Decision Making

Gérard Gil, CINES

Large scale HPC workflow management using Altair PBS GridWorks on a National Academic Computing Center

Steve Kimmey, Oracle

Managing Innovation and the Simulation Lifecycle

Roberto Vadori, Prompt Engineering

An Implementation of Virtual Cluster Running HyperWorks - Performance and Cost Comparison

Session 13: Development Process - October 29th
Christoph Gümbel, Porsche

Green CAE- The Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart

Praddep Srinivasa, Altair

Durability Over Night

Julien Tersac, Faurecia Interieur

Faurecia Experience with Altair Process

David Queval, Mecaplast

Towards a 'Right-at-First-Time' Product/Process Solution Using the Altair's FEA Software in the Interior Parts Design Phase

Andrea Baldini, University of Modena

Software Development for the Post-Processing of Fatigue Calculation

Session 14: Multibody Simulation - October 29th
Marco di Cecco, Piaggio&C S.p.A.

Simulating the Rear Roller Test Bench for the Scooter Development

Frank Harmeling, Karl Mayer

Simulation of Electric Drives and Closed Loop Controls in MotionView

Dr. Peter Riede, Opel

Ground Clearance Analysis of Passenger Cars Using HyperWorks/MotionView

Andrea Romeo, Proplast

Simulation of the Mechanical Behavior of a Rubber Pumping System Under Large Deformations

Frank Schoenmakers, TNO/TASS

MF-Swift: A tire model for handling, ride comfort, durability and control applications

Session 15: Manufacturing - October 29th
Mesut Kaya, Coskunoz AS

Experimental and HyperForm Analysis of Springback in Sheet Metal Forming for DP Steels

Mark Melnykowycz, Rieter Automotive

Development of Aluminum Heat Shield Designs Using OptiStruct and HyperForm

Edmondo Di Pasquale, Simtech

A Study of Springback Using HyperForm

Martin Risberg, SWEREA/SWECAST

Optimization for Different Manufacturing Processes

Elie Bitboul, Promold

Insert Molding Calculation with RADIOSS

Session 16: Civil/Nuclear Engineering/Design - October 29th
Sylvain Tholance, ATR

Impact of Concrete Structures

Thomas Nierhaus, Evonik

Enforcement of a Research Reactor Facility Under Earthquake Conditions

Dr. Olivier Martin, JRC

Numerical Missile Impact Analysis on Concrete Containment Buildings of Nuclear Power Plants: Review and Recent Progress

Shahrokh Ghavamian, NECS/EMA

Simulation of a Blast Scenario and its Consequences on a Steel Frame Industrial Structure