Topology Optimization Methods Applied to Automotive Transmission Housings

The design of automotive transmission housings has to fulfil several requirements which are partly contrary. The housing has to be stiff enough to give the gear shafts sufficient support, but also it has to be as lightweight as possible to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission of the car. The goal to minimize noise emissions at the surface of the housing complicates a lightweight design of the housing also.

Optistruct has to offer some very good optimization functionalities, which make it easier to develop a good housing design in a short time. The presentation will demonstrate some optimization techniques and strategies applied to a manual transaxle gearbox housing.

The Author

Maurice Dietzel
Getriebe- und Zahnradfabrik
Hermann Hagenmeyer GmbH & Cie KG
GETRAG InnovationsCenter
74199 Untergruppenbach

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