Modeling, Structural - CFD - kinematics Analysis and Optimization of UAV

The current paper investigates the usages of Hyperworks on modeling New ages Aerostructures as UAV's.

Altair Hyperworks is an engineering simulation environment which can use from engineers during all stages of the Design and Optimization of UAV's. From design stage when the engineer tests and validates new Shapes and mechanism and determine correct shapes for the engine inlet, determines optimum composite structure, reduce weight and provide more Payload.

The main objective of this paper is to present the usage of each solutions provided by Altair engineering on the development of a high technology Aerostructure as UAV and to find out any fieldĀ  that can be analyzed & optimized with the tools as Radioss, Acusolver, Optistruct, Hypermesh, Hyperstudy, Hypermorph.

The coupling between each solution can be feasible and provides the end user the benefits to translate data between different analysis as cfd loads to wings and composite analysis and optimization of the wings for best performance, shape optimization of the radar shell by coupling Hypermeh with Acusolver and Hyperstudy as well as mechanism kinematics with motionview.

The Author

Lazaros Tsioraklidis
InterFEA Engineering
Tantalou 7
Greece. PC 54627

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