Strategy for Turbine Blade Solid Meshing Using HyperMesh

The gas turbine development process has tendency for the time shortening of the whole development cycle. The design phase takes the most of time and efforts involving several engineering disciplines in the process and passing through several iterations. The analysis of the turbine components during design phase is based on 3D models which can be rather sophisticated, like cooled blades and vanes. The FE 3D meshing process becomes the compromise between the time of model creation, the model size and the quality taking into account the specific requirements of different disciplines. The Turbine Mechanical Integrity Department in Siemens Industrial Turbomachinary AB started to use HyperMesh as the meshing tool in 2007. The experience of solid meshing in HyperMesh worked out a general approach of cooled turbine blade model creation to satisfy both time restrictions and model quality, which can be considered as the solid meshing strategy.

The Author

Mr. Oleg Rojkov
Senior Engineer, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB
Slotsvägen 11
SE-61283 Finspång

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