Process Optimisation: Notching Automation for Spacecraft Payload under Sine Response

Notching is a well known topic in the design of space structures, both at spacecraft and at equipment level.

The aim of notching is to reduce the input during qualification sine vibration tests in order not to exceed either the maximum quasi-static interface loads at the shaker interface (primary notching) and/or to limit the response of some of the internal parts of the test item (secondary notching). The notched input profiles used for the qualification testing need to be approved, prior to the test, by the launching authority after a coupled load analysis.

For spacecraft structures, the notching process is a complicated exercise involving a lot of equipment units within the spacecraft and different notching criteria which can differ from one unit to the other.

This presentation gives an overview on the HyperWorks notching tool developed by RUAG Space and ALTAIR Engineering in the frame of the Small Geo programme, a geostationary spacecraft platform for commercial application.

The Author

F. Mouriaux & A. Di Carlo
RUAG Space Zürich
RUAG Schweiz AG
RUAG Space
Schaffhauserstrasse 580
8052 Zürich · Switzerland

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