Tire Simulation with FTire - More Than Rubber and Chord

The contribution introduces and discusses new extensions to the well-known FTire tire simulation package, available within Altair‘s HyperWorks Partner Alliance Program, as well as in all other simulation environments supported by FTire.

These extensions aim to further improve FTire‘s model fidelity. The refinements comprise two new subsystems: one describing air volume vibration modes, another one rim flexibility and viscoplasticity. These subsystems complement other existing subsystems: tread tribology, tread wear, temperature distribution, and flexible or viscoplastic road/terrain surface models.

The new submodels discussed in the contribution aim to widen FTire‘s applicability especially in extremely high-frequent excitation conditions, as well as for extreme loads, up to misuse and even crash conditions.

A second aspect is to optionally expand the FTire system border from pure tire simulation towards a complete ,quarter-car simulation package‘, comprising road contact, rim, tire, and complete MBS suspension models including brakes, shock absorbers, passive, semi-active, and active suspension, steering, and more. To this end, FTire has been completed with cosin/mbs functionality. Cosin/mbs, being developed since more than 18 years at cosin scientific software, provides proven and highly efficient MBS models for all kinds of suspensions.

Just like classical FTire, these complete, quarter-car models‘ run in co-simulation mode, being decoupled from the calling solver‘s model. Physical interface signals are, on input, position and motion of the car-body corner, and, on output, the sum of all suspension forces/moments acting on the car-body corner. Using cosin‘s interfacing technology CTI, it doesn‘t take more than replacing few lines of code in the solver‘s interface to FTire to make the quarter-car models available.

The Author

Michael Gipser
Gerald Hofmann
cosin scientific software

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