Assessment of static strength and fatigue life according to FKM-Code within HyperWorks

The German FKM-Code "Rechnerischer Festigkeitsnachweis für Maschinenbauteile" (5. enhanced edition 2003), is a well accepted verification procedure for static strength and fatigue life assessment in the field of mechanical engineering, which represents the state of the art. The code is widely-used in german speeking countries. The code is based upon local stress values at the point of interest. In case of doubt several points have to be investigated. The stresses are normally taken from a previous Finite Element Analysis. The point of interest (the critical point) has to be chosen by the engineer. The static analysis and the assessment of fatigue life is normally done by hand, using a self made excel sheet or with the help of a commercial software tool, which all provide a single point analysis based on a finite element result at one point of the structure. Within the submitted paper a procedure to do the fatigue assessment for the entire surface of a loaded structure will be described. The necessary data will be provided by the HyperWorks suite. Stresses at all surface nodes will be read out from the HyperWorks database and processed in a software tool called AutoFENA 3D. Results from Optistruct, NASTRAN, ANSYS and Abaqus are supported as source in connection with HyperWorks. The results of the static and fatigue calculation using the FKM-Code are exported as HyperMesh result file by AutoFENA 3D and can be visualized within HyperView. The user will get a 3D-visualization of the static and fatigue utilization. The manual selection of the critical point is not necessary as well as a manual data input of stress values into the code procedure. Thanks tothe graphical visualization of the utilization interpreting the results is much easier, secondary critical areas can be detected and material in noncritical regions can be saved. Using HyperWorks to provide the input data and visualize the results opens a broad range of applications, as HyperWorks has well established connections to all well-known finite element codes.

The Author

Wolfgang Feickert
Ingenieurbüro Huß & Feickert
Im Kohlruß 1-3
65835 Liederbach, Germany

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