Optimization Assisted Concept Design of Aircraft Floor Structures

Composite structures are increasingly being used within the aircraft industry. To come up with the requirements of cost saving and weight reduction for new airplanes innovative design solutions as wells as manufacturing approaches need to be developed.

Optistruct enables the engineer to produce even more efficient designs by introducing optimization during the concept design stage. Hence the optimization software package HyperWorks was used to generate the preliminary design for an innovative CFRP PAX cross beam structure.

Key aspect within this optimization task was the improvement of a cross beam concept concerning design, shape and CFRP lay-up. Regarding the lay-up, manufacturing typical characteristics for UD-braiding had to be considered. A further point was the concurrent modification of load introduction points for the C-shaped cross beam structure depending from cross section and thickness of the beam. This was necessary due to the C-cross section of the cross beam and its specific shear centre position.

The Author

Wolfgang Machunze
Research Engineer
EADS Innovation Works
EADS - Deutschland GmbH
81663 M√ľnchen, Germany

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