Integrated CAE Solutions - Multi- disciplinary Structure Optim. with CASSIDIAN LAGRANGE and HM

The aircraft design is driven by a huge number of multidisciplinary design criteria (manoeuvre gust and ground loads, aeroelastic efficiencies, flutter speeds, strength and stability criteria, manufacturing requirements etc.) resulting from different disciplines, which have to be simultaneously met.

The CASSIDIAN optimization assisted airframe design process has been established and applied within all design phases of a broad range of A/C projects (civil and military applications; components, large assemblies & full A/C). The multidisciplinary design optimisation with LAGRANGE leads to a feasible airframe design which satisfies the requirements of all relevant disciplines with minimum weight. Particularly this comprises the automation of both loops: structural sizing and loads loop resulting in an drastic reduction of development time and effort.

The strategic decision for an continued development the in-house MDO tool LAGRANGE is due to the specific aerospace design criteria on one hand (no Commercial Of The Shelf tool available) and the tremendous benefits and competitive advantages on the other hand.

The Author

Fernass Daoud
Cassidian Germany

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