Improved mapping workflow with HyperMesh 11

In this presentation we want to show the improvement of the mapping workflow at Faurecia by using the new Radioss One Step (ROS) implementation in Hypermesh 11.

The content of the presentation will be:

  • Short introduction in the actual workflow + problem

  • Comparison LS-Dyna / Forming Suite / Hyperform

    • Influence of local bending

    • Influence on blank holder force

    • Influence on mesh size

    • Influence on open / closed holes

Short introduce in the actual workflow + problem
Actual workflow issue: The duration of process to long. As the departments are placed over the world we have the issue with different public holidays, time zones, etc. To reduce this in the future the stamping simulation should be done by the crash team itself. For that we need a very simple tool without deeper knowledge about stamping simulation.

The Author

Dipl.-Ing.M. Meyer, D. Pielock, Dipl.-Ing. M. Heuse (all Faurecia)
Dipl.-Ing. G. de los Rios, Dipl.-Ing. A. Hülsmann (all Altair)

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