solidThinking and Inspired in HyperWorks 11.0: Let Your Ideas Take Shape

solidThinking™ is a 3D industrial design and conceptual modeling application you can use to create geometry quickly and easily using your HyperWorks license.  You can create, render and share surface and solid models, from furniture and electronic devices to watches/jewelry, product packaging, yachts and more. You can create photorealistic renderings of geometry and meshes using the real-time renderer and ray-tracers in solidThinking.  You can import geometry and H3D results into the same model and apply appearance properties from the solidThinking material library.  Render jaw-dropping images and animations of deforming meshes in realistic environments and use them in your presentations.

Inspired makes setting up and running basic topology optimization easy.  Import design space and non-design space solids into Inspired and apply boundary conditions directly on the geometry.  Graphically define shape controls such as parting directions and symmetry and use part-instancing to create pattern repetition on parts which are repeated in an assembly.  You can run topology optimization with a few clicks and automatically retrieve results from the run history.  You don’t even have to deal with a mesh.  You can also do quick mass summaries and static weight calculations on assemblies.  When you have a result you like, you can export the STL shape directly to solidThinking or HyperMesh.

The Author

James Dagg

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