From CAD to Manufacturing: An Optimization Procedure Applied in the Design of a New Motorcycle Tire Rim

In this work, done in cooperation between the Department of Mechanical, Nuclear and Production Engineering of the University of Pisa and Piaggio & C. S.p.A., the structural optimization of a two-wheeler rim is presented and discussed. The optimization analyses were conducted with Altair Optistruct software, considering the tests which are usually required by the Italian homologation standards. These, in turn, include a rotating bending test, in which the rim, while rotating, is subjected to a load acting parallel to the middle plane of the wheel and applied at a given distance from it and an alternate torsion test, in which an alternate torsion is directly applied to the wheel hub. On the basis of the results, the component definitive shape as been re-elaborated by Piaggio Style Centre and a re-analysis of the final CAD product has been performed with Radioss Linear, while a radial crash test has been simulated with Radioss Impact. This work was carried out in the framework of the MUSS (Safe and Sustainable Urban Mobility) project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, in which, among other objectives, a study of the mass reduction, which can be obtained by the use of structural optimization, is foreseen.


Leonardo Bertini & Francesco Frendo
Department of Mechanical Nuclear and Production Engineering
University of Pisa

Sandra Baldini & Daniele Ardiri
Vehicle Mechanical System & CAE
Piaggio Brand Unit

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