MADYMO human models for EuroNCAP pedestrian safety assessment

Over the past decades virtual design, optimization and testing have grown to play a valuable and well accepted role in the process of passive and active safety systems development.  Following to the continuously increasing reliability of numerical modeling, also virtual certification and approval is gradually becoming reality.

Recently, also Euro NCAP has made a first step into the field of virtual testing and approval. Since November 2010, virtual testing with the use of numerical human body models has become part of the Euro NCAP pedestrian test procedure.  With the MADYMO human pedestrian models being adopted in Euro NCAP's latest pedestrian test protocol (v5.2.1), the MADYMO solver and human models are now formally approved for use in Euro NCAP safety assessments.

In this presentation the outline of the numerical simulation part of the latest Euro NCAP pedestrian test protocol is highlighted.  Furthermore, an overview of the MADYMO pedestrian models and their validation is given and an outlook on future human model development will be provided.

The Author

Frank Schoenmarkers
Einsteinlaan 6
2289 CC Rijswijk

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