Q6 Child Dummy and FLEX PLI GTR Leg Model Development

Q6 child and FLEX PLI GTR models are being developed in Radioss to satisfy the need for reliable virtual testing using these test devices.

Euro NCAP has installed a technical working group to enhance the current rating procedure for child safety in vehicles. The intention is to evaluate restraints for older children, 6 years and up, in a rear seat passenger position during front and side full scale vehicle tests. The Q6 child dummy is one of the child dummies that most likely be included.. The Q6 FE development consortium project was initiated with a group of OEMs and several partners of Humanetics to develop a reliable tool for use in the design of adequate restraint systems. The Q6 Radioss model closely follows the consortium project.

The Flexible Pedestrain Legform impactor (Flex PLI GTR) was developed to provide a more biofidelic performance during vehicle impacts. The Flex PLI GTR has been proposed inside the GRSP GTR9 for adoption into a new pedestrian regulation. In the meantime JNCAP has adapted the leg for its testing procedure from 2012, furthermore Euro NCAP is considering introducing the impactor for testing procedure in 2013. The corresponding models (including a Radioss model) are being developed within a consortium project.

The Author

Robert Kant
Humanetics Europe GmbH

Franck Njilie
Altair Development France

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