Coupling of Madymo & Radioss to improve child safety

With new regulations on car child restraint systems, crash simulations become more and more important tool to achieve a high quality child seat, within the given lead time and budget. More variants have to be simulated with the new regulations, like front, rear and side impact in combination with rearward and forward looking positions.

The goal of the simulations is twofold:
1. Reduce Child trauma during a crash
2. Get the best possible restraint system (or child seat) for cost, material use and weight.

Our goal is to use simulations to avoid prototyping and testing in the design stage. This is especially important for high investment tools, like injection molding tools. By combining the strength of Madymo and RADIOSS, Code PS achieves shorter development times with many simulation variants with high quality and robust crash simulations. It also gives us the possibilities to introduce innovations.

The Author

Harold van Aken
Code Product Solutions BV
Simulating Innovations
MTOC Building
Kampstraat 86 | 6163 HG Geleen
The Netherlands | KvK 14095157