Car Body Lightweight Design – Requirements for Finite Element Analysis

Christoph Wagener holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University Siegen, Germany.

From 1993 until 2003 he worked for Schuler Hydroforming and covered the following areas: designer of 3D CAD component and tools, development and integration of a non linear FEA-Software for component and process definition, simulation engineer and creation of FEA simulation team within the development department, manager calculation methods and 3D design, manager calculation methods and process engineering, director project management, director design and process engineering.

From 2003 until today he holds the position of director R&D, for the areas research, predevelopment and product development at Kirchhoff Automotive.

Additionally Chistoph Wagener is teaching the subjects vehicle concepts, packaging and development processes at the university (FH) Südwestfalen.

The Author

Christoph Wagener
Director R&D
KIRCHHOFF Automotive GmbH & Co. KG
Am Eckenbach 30
57439 Attendorn, Germany

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