Optimization of Structural Components for the Ariane 5ME Upper Stage

In the frame of the "Ariane 5 ME" project, a flexible cryogenic Ariane 5 upper stage is developed by Astrium Bremen. Its capabilities will cover GTO and LEO missions. One of the performance drivers for the upper stage is its mass, which therefore is one of the optimization objectives.

Tanks for liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen are integrated into the upper stage. Corresponding to their geometric shape, the structural components located between the cylindrical parts and the bulkheads of the tanks are named "Y-rings". They have significant impact on the upper stage mass and are thus chosen for a demonstration and assessment of the optimization process.

In order to reduce the mass, this paper will compare two different possibilities of structural optimization, namely a Free Shape Optimization within OptiStruct and a Shape Optimization within HyperStudy. Therefore, common objectives and constraints are defined for both programs. Challenges to be solved in the cryogenic application are especially the consideration of temperature and component dependent material allowables and integration of the allowables into the optimization processes.

The Author

Andreas Reim
TEB11 - Mechanical Engineering
Gebäude 1A, Raum 0.044
PO Box 28 61 56
Airbus-Allee 1
28199 Bremen, Germany

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