Efficient virtual development at Saab Automobile using HyperWorks

 Saab Automobile AB (Saab) is aggressively utilizing CAE – it is a part of the company culture. Currently the simulation department consists of approximately 45 persons, and we are expanding. The car manufacturing industry is really challenging, with lots of competent competitors trying to survive in a hard competition. To be able to be a winner in this challenge the development time is forced to decrease. CAE is a key to “revolutionizing” the Vehicle Development Plan with respect to time, cost, quality and innovation. People, Process and Technology are the enabling pillars for a CAE Driven Development. Because the typical Saab development plans are greatly focused on simulation activities, and development time is forced to decrease, we have a great focus on also decreasing all lead times in the simulation area; such as FE-part modeling, assembling into complete car models, submitting analyses and post processing. To be able to minimize time spent on everything else but analyzing results and problem solving within the simulation organization, we have chosen to harmonize the softwares used throughout the whole simulation department, minimizing time spent on conversion between different file formats, and a well established cooperation with our main pre- and postprocessor vendor, Altair. We use the HyperWorks (HW) HyperMesh, HyperView and HyperGraph as our main pre- and postprocessors, and RADIOSS as one of two main solvers. During the last two years a Vinnova research project have been accomplished and implemented, were we together with Altair et al. have defined possible time saving areas within the simulation activities. With great help from Altair several processes and scripts has been developed that have made it possible for us to reduce the time from CAD synchronization date to simulation assessment significantly. As an example the resources needed to build BiW models, including extracting CAD data, meshing and assembling, is reduced by 65%.

The Author

Carolina Kalliokorpi
Manager of Body, Closures and Exterior Trim Simulation Group
Saab Automobile AB
A1-8 TQZF, Saab Automobile AB
46180 Trollhättan, Sweden

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