Ford Motor Company CAE PLM Solution and Integration with CAE Pre-Processor Software

Ford Motor Company has a Teamcenter based CAE PLM solution in place since 2004. During 2009, the Out of the Box Siemens software Teamcenter for Simulation has been configured to replace Ford's previous, customized solution and was deployed to all global Ford sites in April 2010. This solution uses the same database like the PDM system that manages product information, thus providing some essential benefits like better integration into product development processes, re-use of existing PLM concepts and services (like variant, event, change management and the global data synchronization) as well as elimination of IT effort to maintain an extra system for CAE teams. A generic interface to CAE software has been developed within the scope of the project by Siemens and key CAE software vendors according to Ford Motor Company requirements. The presentation will give an overview of Ford Motor Company's CAE PLM principles, the current solution, most recent developments on CAE data organization and coupled CAE model build automations and an outlook to future requirements and development plans.

The Author

Ulrich Fox and Ralf Fachbach
Ford Motor Company

Zoran Petrovic
Siemens PLM

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