HyperMesh and Teamcenter Integration Using Standard PLMXML Interface

The value of simulation as a design validation tool can be directly linked to whether it is relevant and up to date to the current design intent. For increasingly advanced analyses of complex systems the maintenance of relevant models is not trivial.

Teamcenter provides a CAE manager tool set which allows the analyst to measure and monitor the relevance of their model by relating its CAE content directly to the latest design intent CAD content within the Product Lifecycle Management system. However this capability in itself is useless unless the models can be maintained and rapidly created or updated.

Altair’s Hypermesh product provides many advanced features which allow FE models to be rapidly created and modified; however this capability needs to be married to the Simulation Data Management environment to ensure that the correct relevant geometry, connections and other engineering properties are put into the model.

The standard PLMXML format provided by Teamcenter is an ideal mechanism of passing structured product and CAE data between Teamcenter and Hypermesh. There are many distinct advantages of using structured data which will be discussed in this Article.

The Hypermesh tool is also capable of creating a PLMXML package of CAE data so that it can directly feedback the structured model to the Teamcenter Simulation environment. This article will explain how this approach allows relevant models to be created and maintained in a controlled and collaborative manner.

The Author

Stephen Boot
Siemens PLM

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