Automatic, flexible configurable report generation for safety simulations as part of CAE Process and Robustness Improvments

As a world wide operational Automotive company Ford has to deal with heavily distributed development tasks in one hand and on the other hand all product information and requirements must be recognised in all development centers around the world. This distributed approach relies on an infrastructure and tools to collaborate efficiently and effectively in all product creation phases. Ford is looking intensively into automating the integration of CAE into the overall development process – from linking model build with CAD and PLM through to simulation and post-processing. The drivers for CAE in PLM and for a high level of process automatisation are:

    1. CAE Model Build effort

    2. CAE Model Quality and Reliability

    3. Time reduction

One significant part to improve the overall robustness during the vehicle development process is automatisation of the reporting of simulation results during the verification phase within the CAE driven development process. One result of a pilot study – the automatic report generator for safety crash simulations – will be shown and discussed in the presentation.

The Author

Dr.-Ing. Axel Hänschke, SV Analytical Prototype – CAE Integration
Body Engineering
Ford-Werke GmbH
Henry-Ford-Straße 1
50735 Köln, Germany

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