SC/Tetra, the Innovative CFD Software for Fluid and Thermal Analysis in Industrial Applications

SC/TETRA¬† is an all-in-one general purpose  Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software using unstructured mesh. It was developed with the specific purpose of "Easily enabling calculation of complex geometries".

Automotive is among the area which mainly use CFD calculation. Car body for design and performance, comfort of an individual in a car by using human body thermoregulatory model that considers the detailed vascular system and individual physiological factors, HVAC systems, transient analysis for reverse flow in intake and exhaust manifolds or thermal simulation considering the material and thickness of the manifold, two fluids computation (air and water or coolant) for the efficiency of heat exchanger such as radiator, inter cooler, oil cooler, water jacket, swirl ratio and/or tumble ratio, all these modeling are today available with SC/TETRA  to address the main fields in automotive application.

Through an industrial application we will show how SC/TETRA, providing both automatic mesh generation and a Wizard based interface that guides the user through the set-up process step by step, can easily be integrated in the conception process by bringing precise analysis in a short time, diminishing the number of prototypes and enabling conceptions hardly compatible up to now in a industrial production time scale.

The Author

Dr. Macoumba N'DIAYE
Project Manager