High Performance Engine Analysis using HyperWorks and PERMAS

For high productivity in CAE in conjunction with a high performance solver the interfaces are the key features. HyperWorks and PERMAS are connected by such high productive interfaces. In this particular presentation the features of HyperMesh to define an engine analysis with nonlinear material, gasket elements, contact and load step history is shown. The user is guided in HyperMesh by a graph for the input of the load history. The load history is a general tool in PERMAS for the definition of calculation sequences. The performance of PERMAS in contact analysis and analysis of nonlinear gasket elements will be shown at selected engine analysis examples. The productivity is also raised for the post processing by a direct output of binary H3D result data for HyperView without any additional translation step.

The Author

Michael Klein, INTES GmbH
Schulze-Delitzsch-Str. 16
D-70565 Stuttgart

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