DSHplus a HWPA Program Gateway Into the Model-Based Design of Mechatronic Systems

In order to simplify the development of mechatronic systems Model-Based Design places a system-level model into the center of the development process. A system-level model defines an executable specification by describing the natural and controlled behavior of the equipment in a mathematical form. In the context of a CAx-supported system development, system-level models provide a common environment for design and communication across different engineering disciplines.

DSHplus, a HWPA program for 1D-system simulation models of complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems, is able to provide scalable system-level models. Thus the engineers start with a less detailed model during the concept phase and incrementally increase the model fidelity as development progresses.

For this purpose, DSHplus offers several interfaces for a model in the loop co-simulations (MotionSolve, MATLAB®/ Simulink®), the availability of C and C++ source code for every DSHplus simulation model, and the collaboration with PLC development environments via OPC interface or through the most popular field-bus standards (DSHplus-PLCI). Consequently DSHplus system-level models evolve into a combination of multiple domains, providing only the currently needed detail, but they still offer the possibility for high modeling detail and seamless integration into the model based design approach.

The presentation will show usage examples for these deployment possibilities.

The Author

Dr. Heiko Baum
Managing Director
FLUIDON Gesellschaft für Fluidtechnik mbH
Jülicher Straße 338a
52070 Aachen

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