Process Automation with HyperWorks for Blow Moulding of Plastic Containers

Accelerating the development times of blow moulded containers, while increasing the quality demanded by customers and the market, are two main challenges at ALPLA´s Engineering Centre.

Available simulation software for this type of manufacturing process is often limited by rare open source architecture and very hard to customize.  In order to simulate an accurate blow moulding process, engineers have to deal with a various number of parameters. By the use of reverse engineering tools and process know how from manufacturing, ALPLA developed a customized interface for HyperWorks by using TCL script language.

The presentation will describe which issues have been solved to ensure the best possible and reliable development for process automation. The presentation will also give a short overview how scripts and macros can be used to build wizards to lead knew team members or intermediate learners thru difficult and complex modeling tasks.

The Author

Claudius Oblasser

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