Aluminum Extrusion Optimization of Two Different Profiles Per Die

The current paper investigates how an Engineering Simulation Software, Altair HyperXtrude, enables the extrusion-die-designers to handle complex extrusion profiles while reduce the die design time.

Altair HyperXtrude is an engineering simulation environment which can use from engineers during all stages of the production. From design stage when the engineer tests and validates new die designs and determine correct bearing lengths, predicts tool wear and failure, determines optimum process, reduce scrap conditions up to product quality control.

The main objective of this paper was to find a solution to produce two different profiles at the same time by using one die. In trying to achieve the objective mentioned above, we integrate the manufacturing company, Doral S.A. , in order to provide us with their machine data which are used later on as an input for the simulations in the Hyperxtrude solver.

The part which is subjected to simulations is an aluminum hinge.  The optimal design increases dramatically the installation time on the trailers as well as, special tooling is required in order to replace the old one with a newer.

The above reasons prompted us to redesign the original hinge in order find a solution to reduce the installation time. The new design based on the original with the difference that can be divided into two parts and be installed faster without dissemble the rear doors.

The Author

Kimon Afsaridis, Mechanical Engineer IEngineering
Konstantinos Gouderakis , Mechanical Engineer, Doral Aluminum
Anastasios Moisiadis, D-ing Professor Technological Educational Institution of Serres

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