Application Examples and Potential for Explicit Finite Elements in the Analysis of Friction Brakes

The use of implicit, non-linear finite element analysis has a long tradition in the analysis of friction brakes for trucks and trains. The aim of this paper is to show more recent applications for explicit finite elements in this field.

Non-Linear Structural Analysis, Explicit Finite Elements, Friction Brakes, Explicit Dynamics, Friction Contacts, Assemblies

Explicit finite elements are typically used for modelling highly dynamic events such as crash or impact problems. However, over the last few years, the authors have applied explicit finite elements with increasing success in the field of friction brakes.

The application examples include the analysis of braking with a full brake model, shaker tests, and gasket deformation. The application examples serve to illustrate some of the advantages of explicit finite elements for brake systems, such as effortless modelling of large assemblies with many friction contacts and gaps. Challenges such as high simulation time and inaccurate stress results also become evident.

Meshing and modelling strategies for the explicit analysis of friction brakes are discussed in some detail, since they pose different challenges both from those for implicit analysis and from those for explicit shell models such as typical crash simulation models.Finally, an assessment of the further potential for explicit finite elements in the analysis of friction brakes is made.

The Author

Dr. Frank G√ľnther
Manager, Technical Analysis & Simulations, Knorr-Bremse SfS, Germany

Jiasheng Wang, Stefan Sedlmair
Technical Analysis & Simulations, Knorr-Bremse SfS, Germany

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