The Significant Role of AcuSolve at Visteon Climate Control

Visteon, one of the largest suppliers of automotive products worldwide, has applied the CFD solver AcuSolve within its climate control development teams for many years. AcuSolve’s robustness, speed, and accuracy combined with its relative insensitivity to mesh quality standards in comparison with other CFD solvers, has enabled the development of unique solution methodologies for many different types of analyses. The presentation will provide an overview about some unique areas of application and a discussion regarding each area’s unique challenges. In detail the analysis of the thermally coupled transient cabin flow for the prediction of passenger thermal comfort will be presented followed by the analysis of the defrost and demist performance. On a subsystem level Visteon is heavily applying AcuSolve for the analyses of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. In this example the whole HVAC CFD analysis process was automated and standardized to the greatest possible extent. At a component level Visteon has utilizing AcuSolve for thermal flow analyses of heat exchangers and detailed analyses of heat exchanger fins and plates.

The Author

Raymond Ambs
Visteon Innovation & Technology GmbH
Climate Control Systems
Visteonstr. 4-10
D-50170 Kerpen

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