Design Optimization of Suspension Coil Springs & Stabilizer Bars using HyperStudy in Batch Mode

For several years, Allevard development engineers have used automated tools, grouped within a collaborative platform, to design suspension coil springs and stabilizer bars.

Abaqus is the FE solver used to run the mechanical analysis.

In order to get a design that satisfies all the customer specifications, numerous FEA runs are necessary - especially for coil springs - and these operations can be long and painful. That’s why it was decided to use HyperStudy to help us on these tasks. It was initially used in interactive mode and succeeded in several applications.

HyperStudy was recently implemented within the platform, in batch mode. So, pre-processing a HyperStudy analysis is currently quite easy and now takes only 5 minutes, whereas in interactive mode, it took 2 or 3 hours !

Moreover, any development engineer can now run an optimization analysis - by himself - to improve the design of our products. There is no need to be familiar with HyperStudy.

The main steps of the implementation of HyperStudy within the platform will be discussed and a few examples of design optimization will be shown.

The Author

Julien MICHEL 
Product Development Department
Suspensions Components Division – SOGEFI Group
ALLEVARD REJNA Autosuspensions S.A. 
201, rue de Sin-le-Noble 
59506 DOUAI Cedex - FRANCE

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