Lightweight and Innovative Cabin system Solutions

Diehl Aircabin, a joint venture of Diehl and Thales and a member of the Diehl Aerosystem Group, is a preferred system partner for the international aviation industry in the areas of cabin modules, crew rest compartments and air ducting.

The competence of Diehl Aircabin includes predevelopment and idustrial design, product and process development, design, production and  certification of cabin elements as well as integration of system components, such as InFlight entertainment, oxygen systems and electrics.

With its diversity of products and services, Diehl Aircabin is a "full service provider" for aircraft cabins.
Diehl Aircabin ...

... extracts weight out of lightest composite components
... customizes cabin products exactly to customers┬┤needs
... integrates cabin modules for easy installation in final assembly lines

By integrating Diehl Aircabin, Diehl Aerospace, Dasell and M├╝hlenberg, we have succeeded in bringing together an unrivaled wealth of experience and expertise from the fields of electronics and cabin equipment. When combined, our skills give us a significant unique selling point and enable us to offer integrated system solutions from a single source.

Lightweight and innovative Cabin system solutions are based on a holistic approach integrating functions in components which have been apart since the beginning of flight. A gain in parts count and weight, as well as improved functionality is added value for the customer.

The Author

Wolf-Dieter Kuhnla
Diehl Aircabin GmbH
Am Flugplatz
88471 Laupheim

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