The innovative use of concrete in architecture: application to a  worship building

The objective of this thesis, at this stage , is to apply the knowledge gained in the search for new types of special concrete , the design of a place of worship.

The experimental phase therefore consists 2 main parts, the first dealing with the design of the church, focusing on coverage. The second theme inside the broader structural optimization, has the goal of designing and search for the real possibility of making a concrete object having organic forms.

The church consists of a classroom where there is no liturgical separation between the presbytery and assembly area, covered by a system of 3 sails in concrete. The classroom is separated from the body of the chapel working with organic shapes, the object of experimentation. The optimization experiment was carried out in three successive stages:

  • Pre-processing: creation of the Global Space, choice of material eprima load analysis;

  • Processing: the first phase;

  • Processing: Second phase;

  • Post-processing: Interpretation of results and rendering


The Author

Daniela Stoppo
University of Ascoli Piceno