CAE Process Chain for the Layout of Long-Fiber Reinforced Plastic Components

The CO2 targets set by European legislation is one of the major challenges all car manufacturers are currently faced with. To competitively comply with the given targets, different strategies are feasible, such as the development of more efficient engine concepts or the use of light weight structures, e.g. by application of new materials. In particular fiber-reinforced plastics reveal a large potential in this respect. Moreover, it becomes more and more important to retain a high level of flexibility throughout the vehicle development process towards the market and a maximum robustness in the products and the methods used for their development is of vital importance.

To achieve these goals it becomes necessary to enhance the development processes with respect to the various requirements. Focusing on the development of high performance continuous carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) components and the CAE relevant development process of those, it becomes evident that a closed tool chain, which can be integrated into the existing development process is still subject to research and development of the software companies.

The presentation at hand will depict how such a closed CAE tool chain was generated and can look like in order to enable a robust and efficient development of CFRP components. An exemplary application will be used to illustrate the major obstacles as well as further efficiency potential. 

The Author

Florian van de Loo
Adam Opel AG