Key to Metals, now rebranded to Total Materia, is a vast database which contains the properties of metallic and non-metallic materials, providing a turn-key solution for the global engineering community. Designed to help a broad range of engineering professionals, Key to Metals is specialized in helping to find and source similar and equivalent materials worldwide, getting easy-to-use and accurate material properties, and navigating through international standards. Besides the “standard” dataset which includes mechanical and physical properties at various temperatures, chemical compositions, international cross-reference tables and more, Total Materia also presents a unique collection of advanced properties, such as stress-strain curves, cyclic properties, fracture mechanics, and creep, specifically developed to serve the engineering community with mechanical and physical properties essential for accurate advanced CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) calculations and simulations. The Total Materia database with advanced CAE properties included has been available to Altair users to through the HyperWorks Partner Alliance (HWPA) program from the beginning of 2012 and has enjoyed broad popularity among the Partner Alliance user base, with more than 500 users and the number growing every week. The fact that this is the first Web application within the APA provides an interesting opportunity to analyse CAE users’ behaviour and patterns in using a material properties database, showing that users have interest in both conventional material properties, material comparison and cross-referencing, as well as in advanced properties, thus providing additional benefits to Altair customers beyond pure CAE usage. High exposure and positive feedback received in the first year of service prompted the development and launch of the Total Materia Premium Edition, an Altair-exclusive Web application that combines the previous functionality with a unique possibility to seamlessly export data to HyperWorks software and includes the properties of polymers, ceramics and composites. As a result of the additional new functionalities, more than 70% of Altair users utilized Premium Edition instead of the Standard. New developments in 2014 include a completely new software edition that is to be launched with HyperWorks 13.0 and, as an alternative to the existing independent Web interface, and provides the complete functionality of Total Materia Premium Edition in a tight integration with HyperWorks software. Through a specially developed Web Service API to Altair software, HyperWorks users get an opportunity to seamlessly query the Key to Metals database and utilize any of its 6 million material property records without leaving the HyperWorks environment and their simulation task.


The Author

Daan Bosman
Area Sales Manager DACH