HyperMesh and Trees - Importing and managing CATIA Product structures in HyperMesh

Looking for a deep integration between CAD design and structural analysis, the possibility to import in the pre-processor the CAD data has a primary relevance. HyperMesh already allows the user to effectively import the CATIA CAD data, but reading the files .CATProduct it loses the information on the Product logical structure. The tool we’ve developed intends to import in HyperMesh the tree structure of the .CATProduct file, reproducing this structure inside a tab. Taking advantage of the imported structure, the user can:

  • Import CAD data of the single subassemblies separately.

  • Associate FEM parts to the tree structure (Automatically or manually), achieving a FEM Model organized with the structure of a .CATProduct.

  • Hide /Show the parts (both CAD and FEM) or the subassemblies.

  • Load files from network paths, selecting the paths and prioritizing them directly from the tool.

There are still many development possibilities arisen from the tool, for instance automatic processes for model assembling, a tool for CAD releases verifications, a tool for automatic, structured and selective batch-meshing.


The Author

Maurizio Chiarbonello
CAE Engineer
Italdesign Giugiaro