Recommendations for Airbag Numerical Simulation with Uniform and Variable Gas Pressure using RADIOSS

In the passive safety of vehicles airbags are playing major roles. Their functioning has to be considered in the car models to improve and control their efficiency in realistic environments. For airbags design HyperWorks thru RADIOSS solver proposes the best tool kit.

 It consists, for their deployment, of the simplest approach with the Uniform Pressure to the more complex and physical one with the Finite Volume Method. This latest modeling techniques allows to take into account the gas flow inside the airbag, providing very accurate results; this is particularly important for side airbags, curtain airbags and out of position studies for driver and passenger airbags, were the first phases of the deployment are crucial for the airbag performance assessment.

A series of features like heat loss and leakage thru the tissue as well complex geometries with internal chambers have been developed to give the engineers the opportunity to make different assumptions in their models. The presentation will give some recommendations in term of airbag modeling respecting the physic which is behind.


The Author

Author Francis Arnaudeau
CTO Finite Element Solvers
Altair Development France