With Standardization to Flexibility: Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) simplifies the World of Co-Simulation

The simulation of complex cyberphysical systems often demands the co-operation of several tools specialized in different domains. A hydraulically actuated machine with a complex controller e. g. makes use of a multi body system tool like MotionSolve, a 1-D system simulator like DSHplus, and a block diagram modeler for control systems like ScicosPro. The Simulation Tool Chain (STC) of DSHplus, that is part of the Altair Partner Alliance program, has been supporting co-simulation of different tools for many years. Starting in 1995 with a co-simulation based on ACSL today all major mbs-tools and MATLAB/Simulink are directly supported. A next step in moving different simulation tools closer together is the introduction of the functional mock-up interface (FMI) in 2010. It defines a standardized interface to be used in computer simulations to develop complex systems and seriously simplifies the co-simulation between several tools. The presentation shows the technical background of FMI and the usage of an FMU (the exported model supporting FMI) on the basis of a controller development for a hydraulic actuator modelled in DSHplus.


The Author

Mr. Ronald Kett
Managing Director