Intro to Lead Time Reduction

Every process has a lead time no matter if we look at building a house, servicing your car, a tax refund, grocery shopping or a banking process. We can recognize that the lead times for most of these services have been reduced over the last couple of years.

"How long" it takes you to provide your product or service to your customers is key for your business to be successful.  Reducing turnaround times and reducing time consuming manual work is getting as important as reaching quality and cost targets.

In the modern product development cycle CAE itself is an effective means to reduce the lead time. Simulation methods have proved to be an effective instrument to significantly reduce the lead time.

Looking at processes within the CAE domain in particular, lead time reduction is mainly focusing on automating process steps as well as synchronizing different analysis steps. Additionally, innovative concept and optimization technologies may reduce the number of development loops since they provide the development engineer with a profound knowledge regarding the performance of their future product at a very early design stage.

This presentation and the following session will show examples of successful lead time reduction projects and show the potential of process mapping initiatives which are a great way to gain a common understanding of the challenges as well as the potentials in time savings within the product development cycle.


The Author

Markus Haller
Technical VP
Altair Engineering GmbH