Efficient Pre/Post Operations at Faurecia Seating with HyperWorks Products

Faurecia started to use Altair product years ago mainly for the support of the main crash solvers (RADIOSS, LS-Dyna, Pam Crash, Abaqus). This is a key strength as Faurecia has to deal with all those solvers in order to deliver seat models in car makers format.

In order to increase its simulations quality and efficiency, Faurecia decided in 2008 to switch all its FEA Operations to LS-Dyna. That leads to increase drastically the exigency level for Ls-Dyna support inside Altair products.

A two years closed collaboration between the two companies started in 2012 focusing first on HyperMesh : main challenge was its capacity to handle (open, edit,save) complex Dyna models build up with a lot of include files.
HyperMesh and HyperView being generalist pre and post processor software, Faurecia has in addition developed several customizations throught Tcl/Tk scripting language.

This presentation will give a global overview of all efficiency tools developed focusing on the pre & post tasks for parts connections (screws and laser welding lines).


The Author

Matthieu Debray
Faurecia - Automotive Seating